I had written my comments when I was just 3 weeks into the purchase of my Ford Fiesta. Its 10 months now and I feel I could say a few things about it. I am getting an exceptional mileage of 20Km/Ltr. That includes 75% highway and 25% city traffic (Mumbai traffic) I am very impress with the mileage. The engine is still very peppy and crisp. A few words of caution though. Service is expensive, Though the service people are friendly, it pinches when u see the bill. Also, when I buy a car for 8 and half lakhs, I would expect that the company provide some basic Accessories like a full fledged security system (Auto-cop), Car cover, the chrome covers for fog lights and Alloy wheels. But sadly everything is an extra. Pretty disappointed in that aspect. For someone who would do a lot of long drives, its a great fuel saver. It gives me optimum mileage at 75-85Km/Hr , it goes comfortably to 145-155 but then u can feel the engine grunting.At 85Km/Hr u sail like a bird. Very smooth on highways. After 10 months of buying the car, I can very happily say that I have no regrets buying this car. Excellent value for money. I do a lot of long distance travel , and this car is really working well for me. And i am enjoying it.

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