Just bought this model about 1 week ago, didn't expect much with this size 1800 psi,owned 2 other karchers in the past, neither one is worth talking about, i own 2 gas pws, love the power in them,so far, repeat so far, this 1800,is blowing me away, the power is just as good as i get in the 2400psi gas pw,cleaning the autos is good with this,it has a 1 yr warranty, hope i don't have to take this one back,to do your basic cleaning around the house, clean the auto, bikes boats, any thing that is consider light to medium, this 1800 should do the job. this 1800 has more pressure than 2 other name brand 2000, maybe its the wands,i don't know, there are cheaper pws out there but $ 4$, i really do not think you cav beat this one.

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