The way actual cost of cold drink goes high from Rs. 1.20 to Rs.10 because of endorsement cost include in the price.The same way political parties do loots scams with public money to recover the cost of their last election next election. I am worried what is going to happen in next 5 years in INDIA because this time the political parties endorsement is at more large scale. Political Endorsements cost goes in thousands of crores in varies way T.V advertisement Rally social media advertisement etc. Political parties should understand if they will work in their areas during work tenure no body will vote against them they will not require to do endorsement for their parties. I believe the endorsement a party will do the same level they will do scams.Open up the Eyes.

Yes you are right... this all affects the common man in future. because they have to earn all there investment from public by doing there dictatorship. Its time to wake up and finish this all guy.....

Sandeep Saini

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Every one should understand this We cant live like this we are smart public. Hum log kisi ke bataon main nhi aayege proper use karnege voting ka.


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Now they are paying a lot for all kind of advertisements such as TV Almost all the channels Radio Internet In most of the websites NewsPapers etc. And everyone should understand from where that money will be charged collected. Corruption.......


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