I really appreciate the intiative taken by Amir Khan as a Satyamev Jayate. It true India is in mood of change we should really know what we are really living upto. These society evils can be killed only once we change our self our perceptions.

I have seen the Satyamev Jayate episode too. Aamir khan hats off to you. You are the man whom I admire a lot for all your initiatives you take to improve the India mentality of Indian People through Advertisements Movies TV Serials. We the common-man of India always accuses the system but we always forget that we are actually this system. We are who is responsible for all social stigma issues. We propagate the bad system. We should understand that anyone of use can be target. We all should help each other.


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Yup I agree with you the first episode of 2nd session was based on the biggest evil of society right now in front of everyone is rape cases in India. We Mens should understand just to gain a short term pleasure we shouldnt ruin girls life. If you would have seen the episode you must have come to know how many times they get mentally rapped after one physical rape. Their life get destroyed just because of mens satisfaction. Remember Sex is not life Kindly support girls to live a fear free cheerful life. Be a real man be a real hero.

Manoj Kumar

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